Marquis No. 32: German Fetish Ball 2004

It was a brave decision to hold the first German Fetish Ball in, of all places, good old Berlin. The German capital is not really known for its large fetish and SM scene, and the trips from distant strongholds like Hamburg, the Ruhr or Munich first had to be tackled. But against all prophecies of doom, it worked.

The Whitsun weekend was hot in the double sense: temperatures of 25 degrees and with it, an all-round fetish package. Friday began already with the pre-party and a really hot SM show. On the Saturday, according to the host Xklusiv Events, round about 800 people met at the Fetish Fair that took place in an old factory building. A crowd of this size had apparently not been expected and the gangways between the stands got really cramped; all the more because the television teams were trying to squeeze through. SM furniture as well as fetish art, films, and jewellery and, of course, clothing were waiting to be purchased.

The ground floor housed a photo exhibition. The quality of the fetish and SM photos ranged from brilliant to well …. However, at least the temperatures there were pleasant and the mask stand from “Rubber’s Finest” was a hit.

Dinner was served in the evening accompanied by Luci van Org’s (MARQUIS cover girl!) band. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the pleasure of experiencing the excellently prepared food, but from the way it looked, it must have tasted good! Attendance at the cocktail party that followed was rather sparse, but that was maybe because hardly any advertising had been done for it …

Sunday evening then the ball itself: the “Matrix” filled with round about 1000 guests, according to Xklusiv after a cash check. The show block was almost too much of a good thing because the shows presented by Bodycult, TomTo, Torture Garden, HW Design, Lucifire, Emily/Kumi/Esmé and "Das Haus von Luci" made for a long evening. But it was well worth the wait. The designers and choreographers had given their best, familiar faces participated (especially for TG Clothing) and everything from the classical corset to perverse piss pants was represented on the catwalk. The celebrations went on in the arches of the “Matrix” until the early hours of the morning.

The host took stock: “The reactions are overwhelming … we wanted to get as close to the Rubber Ball as possible, but we never expected it to be such a success with such amazing guests. The next ball will take place Whitsun 2005, again in Berlin, most likely again in the Matrix. The fair will relocate to somewhere much larger, but with the same wonderful charm. We reckon there with at least double the number of exhibitors as first registrations have already been received in reaction to the extremely positive echo.”

And the conclusion by Marquis: Well done!

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