Schlagzeilen No. 76: German Fetish Ball

Xklusiv Events, known through its “Night of Passion”, had made it its goal to host Germany’s largest fetish party in Berlin. In the style of the big events held in London and Amsterdam, they wanted to offer guests three parties, a high-class dinner and a fair on this topic all in the course of one whole fetish weekend. The Whit weekend was seen to offer an appropriate timeframe.

And the weather played along giving glamour to our capital as is proper for a fetish capital. On a balmy summer evening, the disreputable short holiday break began already on the Friday with an official pre-party in the Big Eden. But you were well advised to take things slow as the morning of the next day saw the opening of the “German Fetish Fair” in the “Spannwerk” – a power transformation station and beautifully restored industrial building dating back to the ‘20s.

On the top floor, international labels and stores presented clothing, toys and equipment. Here, trying on and out was called for in the midst of elaborately styled visitors and scene VIPs including models, photographers and designers. 800 people came making it obvious to the hosts that an even larger location was necessary for the future. On the ground floor, large format photos were to be seen in an exhibition given by the most renowned European fetish photographers. Shootings with international models who had travelled especially for this weekend were the icing on the cake of the visual delights presented on this floor.

Immediately following the fair, the 80 invited guests took part in a first-class 8-course “Xklusiv Fetish Dinner”. Dinner was served by Simon O’s fetish waitresses and the London performers Lucifire and Esmé presented a burlesque show. A “Cocktail and Fetish Party” rounded the evening off. Incidentally, visitors to the fair were able to stay at one location for all three Saturday events: the restaurant is located right next to the Spannwerk.

The Matrix, venue of the highlight of the weekend, is located in Berlin-Friedrichshain. The four dance floors of the elegant disco are impressive arches. On Whitsunday evening, however, many of the guests were only interested in the chill-out zone – this had namely been refurbished into a play zone extra for the “German Fetish Ball”. A number of toys and cosy sofas were available inviting one to try out and participate.

Appetites were whet: many of the visitors showed up in outfits that were so elaborate, you would have thought they could never be outdone by the fashion shows. However, we were to be convinced otherwise. Under the motto “The Golden ‘20s – Berlin’s sinfully decadent years”, a top-class international programme was provided.

Bodycult presented latex fashion in the style of the current decade – combined with a show where at the end the gangsters were arrested by grim policewomen dressed in rubber. The show presented by Lucifire remained in the gangster setting with Lucifire pressing out a cigar on the tongue of her devote rude-boy. The London TortureGarden designer caroused in uniforms in a range of colours: brightly coloured racing suits, nun’s habits, stewardesses, space policewomen and of course the ever popular nurse look. This last theme was taken up by HW-Design, known for the heavy rubber line. Straightjackets, neck braces, torpedo tits and panties with tubes were prescribed for the “poor” patients. TO.mTo Berlin presented a more classical style of fetish fashion: corsets made of cloth for Him and Her followed the maxim of the designers - to make these suggestive pieces of clothing suitable for everyday use while at the same time still being erotic.

The fashion shows alone already presented an impressive spectacle; however, there were also real show acts: the world-renowned fetish models Kumi and Emily presented a bondage show in which Emily was transformed into a tame kitten by a businesswoman wearing a latex suit using a ball gag; and Lucifire combined fetish elements with fire acrobatics.

Round about 1,000 guests who had travelled from all parts of Europe and even from the new world helped to make the German Fetish Ball one of the largest German fetish parties in years. Such a show has probably never been seen before in this country and the top DJs of TortureGarden Partys were only too aware of how to give the evening the necessary sound. This makes us wonder what will be offered in 2005 – at the “German Fetish Ball II”.

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