5 pages report in Cosmopolitan (September 2004)

As already announced on the cover page under the heading “Sex bizarre“, the September 2004 issue of the Cosmopolitan magazine included a five page report on the “Night of the Masks“.  With wonderful words, the author described how she experienced the evening.  She, who had never before been to a similar event and who had only the images from the film “Eyes Wide Shut” in mind.   For her it is a journey into an unknown new world, not without appeal, and that she leaves with a great many new and positive impressions during the early hours of the morning as the mist wafts through the valleys surrounding the castle in the first daylight.  The report is absolutely well worth reading and is illustrated by photographs taken by the renowned photographer Ellen von Unwerth.  We’ll have to wait and see if we are going to be allowed to publish the article here on the website

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