Press Coverage of our Events

Reports on our castle parties are, of course, the absolute exception. At the Night of Passion, we attach great importance on absolute discretion for our guests, i.e. film, photo or sound recordings are strictly prohibited and already when ordering the tickets, guests commit themselves to secrecy. The reports published in the Cosmopolitan, Elle and Playboy all gave fake names, no information whatsoever on the locations and, of course, no photos of the events. The reputation of our guests and of the host castles is close to our hearts and we will not tolerate media reporting of any kind that could compromise this. We guarantee our guests continued undisturbed party pleasure and complete anonymity!

Journalists and editors should feel free to contact us to inquire about what is possible. In general, however, film shooting is rejected because a television report without pictures of either the castle (neither from the inside nor the outside) or of the guests (on the one hand because they wish to remain anonymous, on the other because they have the right to enjoy an undisturbed evening without cameras) would be more than just boring, and posed scenes could never capture the enchantment of this event.

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