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Press Coverage of our Events

Reports on our castle parties are, of course, the absolute exception. At the Night of Passion, we attach great importance on absolute discretion for our guests, i.e. film, photo or sound recordings are strictly prohibited and already when ordering the tickets, guests commit themselves to secrecy. The reports published in the Cosmopolitan, Elle and Playboy all gave fake names, no information whatsoever on the locations and, of course, no photos of the events. The reputation of our guests and of the host castles is close to our hearts and we will not tolerate media reporting of any kind that could compromise this. We guarantee our guests continued undisturbed party pleasure and complete anonymity!

Journalists and editors should feel free to contact us to inquire about what is possible. In general, however, film shooting is rejected because a television report without pictures of either the castle (neither from the inside nor the outside) or of the guests (on the one hand because they wish to remain anonymous, on the other because they have the right to enjoy an undisturbed evening without cameras) would be more than just boring, and posed scenes could never capture the enchantment of this event.

Preview in Penthouse (October 2007)

For once, Penthouse did not report on the “Night of the Masks”, but rather the “Night of Passion” hosted by Xklusiv Events since January 1999 and whose spin-off is “Night of the Masks”. Both events take place in the same castle and differ only in the number of guests and the services included. Thus, everybody decides for themselves what they prefer – an erotic evening in a quiet setting or a lively, excessive party.

Elle (August 2006): Eyes Wide Shut

In August 2006, Elle reported on the “Night of the Masks” that took place in March of the same year in a castle close to Berlin. Under the title: “Sex deluxe – report on the most exclusive orgy in the world” the editor gave a detailed account of the impressions he and his escort gathered as well as acquaintances they made during the course of the evening. People in historic costumes of different epochs, a stylish dinner, the erotic tingle, the desires of the other guests, the many options available and the excitement of sometimes being voyeur, then again protagonist. This was all very nicely told which is why we are of the opinion: Well worth reading! Read more

Playboy (May 2005): Masked Ball of Passion

Under the heading “Masked Ball of Passion”, the cover page of the May 2005 issue of Playboy already draws attention to the four-page article. Here, the author tells of the sexual experiences at the “Night of the Masks” that he visited together with his escort in March 2005. Follow them both to the mist-wafted castle, past the torches and grim guards into a fantasy world from Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut”. Read about what is awaiting you in the castle of passion and how they experienced this unforgettable night. This much may be revealed: this “Opera Ball of Passion” gives new insights into his partner’s love of experimenting that surprise him, and both of them gain new experiences with other partners, with captivating joy and with the sexual open mindedness of many a woman. Read more

5 pages report in Cosmopolitan (September 2004)

As already announced on the cover page under the heading “Sex bizarre“, the September 2004 issue of the Cosmopolitan magazine included a five page report on the “Night of the Masks“.  With wonderful words, the author described how she experienced the evening.  She, who had never before been to a similar event and who had only the images from the film “Eyes Wide Shut” in mind.   For her it is a journey into an unknown new world, not without appeal, and that she leaves with a great many new and positive impressions during the early hours of the morning as the mist wafts through the valleys surrounding the castle in the first daylight.  The report is absolutely well worth reading and is illustrated by photographs taken by the renowned photographer Ellen von Unwerth.  We’ll have to wait and see if we are going to be allowed to publish the article here on the website

SkinTwo Issue 47 (Spring 2004): Europe - BERLIN HAS A BALL

Berlin hosts a big gathering of the European fetish clans in May when the German Fetish Ball Weekend comes to town.

Promoted by Xklusiv Events, organisers of legendary pervy castle parties, the weekend kicks off on Saturday May 28 with the German Fetish Fair at Spannwerk, a huge 1920s transformer station which is now a giant hall with over 4000 sq m of exhibition space, with lounges, bars and a stage. This venue had only just been secured at press time, but the first ten international exhibitors were signed up within hours of the announcement. Apart from providing sales space, Xklusiv are considering putting on some daytime shows to give the various fashion labels an opportunity to present themselves live on stage.

Saturday evening sees a Fetish Dinner at HH Müller, a stylish restaurant in an old industrial building with a cool atmosphere - and dining cages on three levels! There'll be fetish waitresses, some of the restaurant's many celebrity diners will be attending, and the entertainment will be a mix of burlesque style and 1920s Berlin decadence. A separate 'fetish and cocktails' event is also planned for the same evening.

Sunday 30 sees the huge Matrix club in the old railway arches near Warschauer Platz S-Bahn station playing host to the German Fetish Ball. The Matrix combines 'awesome' architecture with modern hi-tech club facilities - four dancefloors, lounges, a huge stage, dancing cages and more. Theme will be The Roaring '20s - Berlin's Decade of Decadence, and the evening's hosts will be Luci and Luci - Lucifire and German singer/actress Luci van Org. There'll be fashion shows by Torture Garden, HW-Design, Bodycult and TOmTO, performances by Emily Marilyn, and DJ-ing by Allen and David TG among others.

Monday May 31s has no official program but as it is a national holiday in Germany it will allow Germans to attend the whole weekend without having to miss a day's work!

Schlagzeilen No. 76: German Fetish Ball

Xklusiv Events, known through its “Night of Passion”, had made it its goal to host Germany’s largest fetish party in Berlin. In the style of the big events held in London and Amsterdam, they wanted to offer guests three parties, a high-class dinner and a fair on this topic all in the course of one whole fetish weekend. The Whit weekend was seen to offer an appropriate timeframe.

And the weather played along giving glamour to our capital as is proper for a fetish capital. On a balmy summer evening, the disreputable short holiday break began already on the Friday with an official pre-party in the Big Eden. But you were well advised to take things slow as the morning of the next day saw the opening of the “German Fetish Fair” in the “Spannwerk” – a power transformation station and beautifully restored industrial building dating back to the ‘20s.

On the top floor, international labels and stores presented clothing, toys and equipment. Here, trying on and out was called for in the midst of elaborately styled visitors and scene VIPs including models, photographers and designers. 800 people came making it obvious to the hosts that an even larger location was necessary for the future. On the ground floor, large format photos were to be seen in an exhibition given by the most renowned European fetish photographers. Shootings with international models who had travelled especially for this weekend were the icing on the cake of the visual delights presented on this floor.

Immediately following the fair, the 80 invited guests took part in a first-class 8-course “Xklusiv Fetish Dinner”. Dinner was served by Simon O’s fetish waitresses and the London performers Lucifire and Esmé presented a burlesque show. A “Cocktail and Fetish Party” rounded the evening off. Incidentally, visitors to the fair were able to stay at one location for all three Saturday events: the restaurant is located right next to the Spannwerk.

The Matrix, venue of the highlight of the weekend, is located in Berlin-Friedrichshain. The four dance floors of the elegant disco are impressive arches. On Whitsunday evening, however, many of the guests were only interested in the chill-out zone – this had namely been refurbished into a play zone extra for the “German Fetish Ball”. A number of toys and cosy sofas were available inviting one to try out and participate.

Appetites were whet: many of the visitors showed up in outfits that were so elaborate, you would have thought they could never be outdone by the fashion shows. However, we were to be convinced otherwise. Under the motto “The Golden ‘20s – Berlin’s sinfully decadent years”, a top-class international programme was provided.

Bodycult presented latex fashion in the style of the current decade – combined with a show where at the end the gangsters were arrested by grim policewomen dressed in rubber. The show presented by Lucifire remained in the gangster setting with Lucifire pressing out a cigar on the tongue of her devote rude-boy. The London TortureGarden designer caroused in uniforms in a range of colours: brightly coloured racing suits, nun’s habits, stewardesses, space policewomen and of course the ever popular nurse look. This last theme was taken up by HW-Design, known for the heavy rubber line. Straightjackets, neck braces, torpedo tits and panties with tubes were prescribed for the “poor” patients. TO.mTo Berlin presented a more classical style of fetish fashion: corsets made of cloth for Him and Her followed the maxim of the designers - to make these suggestive pieces of clothing suitable for everyday use while at the same time still being erotic.

The fashion shows alone already presented an impressive spectacle; however, there were also real show acts: the world-renowned fetish models Kumi and Emily presented a bondage show in which Emily was transformed into a tame kitten by a businesswoman wearing a latex suit using a ball gag; and Lucifire combined fetish elements with fire acrobatics.

Round about 1,000 guests who had travelled from all parts of Europe and even from the new world helped to make the German Fetish Ball one of the largest German fetish parties in years. Such a show has probably never been seen before in this country and the top DJs of TortureGarden Partys were only too aware of how to give the evening the necessary sound. This makes us wonder what will be offered in 2005 – at the “German Fetish Ball II”.

Skin Two LateXtra! Issue 17 (Summer 2004): Feature German Fetish Ball

Berlin’s Pervy Party and Fair

Fancy a spring weekend of rudery in Berlin? Of course you do

Berlin is loverly in May and perfect for a Spring weekend of pervery and sightseeing.

The German Fetish Fair was in a cool industrial building, with nearby riverside restaurants. There were stands from several companies you won’t have seen and a fashion show from Black Style.

In the evening was easily the best fetish dinner I’ve seen, with lavish food, a patio by the street, cabaret from Lucifire, Esme, Lydia Morgan and Emily Marilyn, then dancing and SM play until late.

Next day, almost a thousand visitors packed German Fetish Ball, at Matrix, in a series of large railway arches underneath Warschauer Platz. Shows included Lucifire, Bodycult, Emily Marilyn, HW Design, ToMtO Korsetts and Torture Garden Clothing.

Look for next year’s event on May 14th-15th. We’ll be there.

Skin Two Directory 2005: German Fetish Ball, Berlin

A new venture by castle party specialists Xklusiv Events, the German Fetish Ball was launched in May 2004 to bring the London Rubber Ball partying experience to a German market, that, according to Xklusiv, is crying out for it.

Staged in Berlin, now emerging once again as German’s first city of kink, the debut weekend comprised a Saturday fetish fair, followed by a cocktail party and fetish dinner, and on a Sunday, the Ball itself, held at Matrix, one of Berlin’s trendiest clubbing venues.

The dinner featured cabaret from Emily Marilyn, and Lucifire and Esmé, while the Ball itself saw these performers on stage with other well known US, UK and European names presenting fashion by Bodycult. Torture Garden. HW-Design and TO.mTO. Lucifire also shared MC duties with German perv popster Luci van Org, whose band closed the show.

The 2005 German Fetish Ball weekend will take place on May 13-15. The Ball is likely to be staged again at Matrix, though a new fetish fair venue is likely to be needed to accommodate the anticipated doubling of exhibitors.

Marquis No. 32: German Fetish Ball 2004

It was a brave decision to hold the first German Fetish Ball in, of all places, good old Berlin. The German capital is not really known for its large fetish and SM scene, and the trips from distant strongholds like Hamburg, the Ruhr or Munich first had to be tackled. But against all prophecies of doom, it worked.

The Whitsun weekend was hot in the double sense: temperatures of 25 degrees and with it, an all-round fetish package. Friday began already with the pre-party and a really hot SM show. On the Saturday, according to the host Xklusiv Events, round about 800 people met at the Fetish Fair that took place in an old factory building. A crowd of this size had apparently not been expected and the gangways between the stands got really cramped; all the more because the television teams were trying to squeeze through. SM furniture as well as fetish art, films, and jewellery and, of course, clothing were waiting to be purchased.

The ground floor housed a photo exhibition. The quality of the fetish and SM photos ranged from brilliant to well …. However, at least the temperatures there were pleasant and the mask stand from “Rubber’s Finest” was a hit.

Dinner was served in the evening accompanied by Luci van Org’s (MARQUIS cover girl!) band. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the pleasure of experiencing the excellently prepared food, but from the way it looked, it must have tasted good! Attendance at the cocktail party that followed was rather sparse, but that was maybe because hardly any advertising had been done for it …

Sunday evening then the ball itself: the “Matrix” filled with round about 1000 guests, according to Xklusiv after a cash check. The show block was almost too much of a good thing because the shows presented by Bodycult, TomTo, Torture Garden, HW Design, Lucifire, Emily/Kumi/Esmé and "Das Haus von Luci" made for a long evening. But it was well worth the wait. The designers and choreographers had given their best, familiar faces participated (especially for TG Clothing) and everything from the classical corset to perverse piss pants was represented on the catwalk. The celebrations went on in the arches of the “Matrix” until the early hours of the morning.

The host took stock: “The reactions are overwhelming … we wanted to get as close to the Rubber Ball as possible, but we never expected it to be such a success with such amazing guests. The next ball will take place Whitsun 2005, again in Berlin, most likely again in the Matrix. The fair will relocate to somewhere much larger, but with the same wonderful charm. We reckon there with at least double the number of exhibitors as first registrations have already been received in reaction to the extremely positive echo.”

And the conclusion by Marquis: Well done!